Changing the Game


For the past year, I have been pondering a simple question and that is, “How does everyone keep up with current evidence as an orthopedic or sports medicine clinician?”

Unfortunately, the simple answer seems to be… we don’t. Let’s face it, keeping up with the latest evidence in practice is tough. There’s so much dense and clinically-irrelevant information, it takes forever to read articles, and what we do have isn’t localized to one place to easily check. I mean, who’s going to spend their precious time after work prowling PubMed searches?

I’d like to make a change to this state of affairs. As it stands, most people try to stay “current” with 140 character tweets from gurus, go to courses and conferences every so often, and simply ask their friends what to do. Although these aren’t bad options to give better care to our patients, I think we can do better.

The vision of Ortho Hub is to create a location where you can tune in daily to see the latest research that can improve your practice. I want to emphasize the primary goal: pertinent information as it pertains to practice. Essentially, Ortho Hub will break down the latest articles published from the most impactful sports medicine and orthopedic journals into easily digestible and readable segments. This is not a platform to spread my own opinion of what you should do to be a better clinician. No, I’m not a guru clinician of any form. Rather, my mission is to spend my time gathering and translating helpful articles that you can use to be better.

I look forward to the day that checking the best way to treat an ankle sprain is as easy as checking ESPN is for the success of your favorite sports team. I don’t know any individual, especially the parent that works 8-5 in a clinic, who prefers to spend an enormous amount of time or energy to constantly search and scramble through Google Scholar or PubMed to find justification and evidence for the treatments they provide. We can do better than this and I believe, through the Ortho Hub community, we will do better than this.

Tyler Cope

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